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About Us

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welcome Cricketvilla

Cricketvilla is a hub of cricket equipment committed to deliver exceptional services around the world.

It is going to be our endeavor to bring you the best brands of cricket under one roof. We are a distributors of the very latest models of genuine cricket bats from all the top brands. Our popular range of cricket bats are hand made from premium English and Kashmir Willow grade by master craftsmen from leading international big brands like SS, SG, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, SF, SM, BDM and more, exceeding batsman's expectations. As wholesalers and distributors, we also welcome all inquiries from clubs, universities, schools and retailers all over the world and guarantee the best service at a very competitive price.

A customized cricket equipment is dream of any cricketer. Why not live it. Order your customized cricket gear from us as we manufacture different cricket equipment like batting pads, gloves, wicket keeping pads and gloves, cricket kit bags and all other cricket products including handcrafted custom plain English willow and Kashmir willow cricket bats according to our customer's specifications under our brand AVER.

AVER means trust, so our first and foremost motto is to establish strong trust among our clients. Quality, service and initiative have always been the company's hallmarks.


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our Vision

We focus on core areas for Cricketvilla and that are

1.) Providing Exclusive products in every brand

2.) Cricket Training Equipment: like Bowling machine, Bat Knocking Machine, training equipment for fielding purpose, Different Accessories for physical training. (These are not commonly sold in most of the portals).

3.) Customization: We customize different items for teams, leagues and corporates in their own logo and as per their specifications. Fully customization sportswear for all climatic conditions, both indoors and out. Tees, shorts, track pants. etc.

4.) Plane handcrafted bats: We showcase different shapes in top grade plane bats for every type of batsman which can be used for hitting as well as for technical playing. Moreover, here you will find specialized cricket bats for girls/women as well.

our Mission

Our mission is to develop Cricketvilla as a portal and platform which will satisfy all the elite class cricketers from all over the globe by providing quality cricket equipment of different well-known brands. Cricketers from around the globe will get to know and remember Cricketvilla as a quality providing portal which is different from other existing websites.

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