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To ensure that your experience with us is smooth, we ship your orders with utmost care. We expect you to make a note of the below mentioned points.

The delivery charges are variable depending upon the seller of a particular product. Usually, the seller charges a reasonable amount based on the distance that needs to be covered and the care that the product requires before it reaches you.

With each order, you will receive the number of business days that will be required before the product reaches you. Please be aware that weekends do not count as business days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it can be delayed, but we try our level best to deliver it before the mentioned number of days.

You need to pay a courier charges ,which totally depends on the location ,weight and size of the product.

This is primarily because there is no seller available who can deliver a particular item in your area. You can check if the item is available in your area by entering your pin code in the required box. We are expanding our services, so we will try and cover your area for product delivery as soon as possible.

As of now, we offer our services in different countries . As we expand, we look forward to make it fully International.

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